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All of a sudden I felt a hand on my left shoulder

It happened in 2022 - I can't remember the exact date but I guess it was at the beginning of winter.
I was stopped by the police right in front of the station, at the bus stop, where I was sitting on the steps (at the station entrance) waiting for a bus to go to work. The bus was due in 10 minutes. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my left shoulder, somebody's hand, and when I turned round I saw a policeman who asked me to show him an ID document, and before I gave it to him I asked him "is it proper to touch a person in this way, without their consent"? He didn't answer and just kept on asking for my ID. Then I gave him everything he needed, respectfully, and after the check he went away, leaving me there at the bus stop.
Because, being different to them because of the colour of my skin, they're convinced that I could be dangerous.
I live legally in this country and pay my taxes and I ask myself why all these things - prejudice, injustice, discrimination - always against me? They have definitely affected my life.
Age: 18-25
Place: Ferrara
Origin or descent: Burkina Faso