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Racial or Ethnic Profiling in Italy

Racial or ethnic profiling in policing has been defined by the Council of Europe as “the use by the police, with no objective and reasonable justification, of grounds such as race, colour, languages, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin in control, surveillance or investigation activities”*.

It happens in Italy, but nobody ever talks about it.

The aim of this set of testimonies, compiled by some friends of Yaya Yafa – the young man who died in a tragic workplace accident in Bologna, northern Italy, on 21 October 2021 – and the OcchioAiMedia/Cittadini del Mondo association in the nearby town of Ferrara where Yaya lived, is to make racial profiling visible in Italy, and to start the debate.

We suggest to read this article by Institute of Race Relations to know more about Racial Profiling in Italy!